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When building a workspace, things are a tiny bit different. Make sure your phone is connected and unlocked.

  1. In the Left window, pick “Loop”
  2. In the top title bar, pick “Loop (Workspace)” next to your phone name
  3. In the middle pane, make sure “Signing & Capabilities” is selected
  4. Sign the top four targets with your Apple Developer ID
    • For Free Accounts, you must take additional steps before signing
    • For Paid Accounts, sign the targets indicated in the graphic 
    • ONLY sign the 4 targets highlighted in the graphic
      • Other targets do NOT need to be signed and might generate errors when you build
    • Step 4.5, click on the Loop icon under the PROJECTS heading once the 4 targets are signed
  5. Build as normal (After waiting for “Indexing | Processing Files” to complete on the top line)

Note the red parentheses on the right?  If you ever need to know the directory of your Loop folder – you can copy it from here.

What if your Xcode is too old for your phone iOS? What if you cannot update your Mac operating system and therefore cannot update to the correct version of Xcode.

Once you get to this Workspace build section, you can follow this video (this will open in a new tab) provided by Jon Fawcett that enables you to build Loop anyway.

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