Remote Options

I once heard someone describe watching Loop is like being on the side of a river watching it flow by. But diabetes is about more than in-the-moment updates for meals and glucose corrections.

There are a number of options for viewing Loop data remotely and collecting historical information to assist in managing the long-term needs for our “friend”.

Documentation Links

Some programs allow you to remotely command as well as monitor Loop.

  • Nightscout
    • Real-time Monitor, Datastore, Analysis, Remote Commands
    • Alarms and Push Alerts
    • Supports MDI (Multiple Daily Injections) and multiple CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitors)
    • Supports DIY (Do It Yourself) hybrid-closed loop (Loop, OpenAPS, AndroidAPS and iAPS)
  • Loop Caregiver
    • Real-time Monitor, Remote Commands
    • Under development; part of the Loop infrastructure

Other programs are specifically for monitoring, some with and others without an associated datastore.

  • Tidepool
    • Monitor, Datastore and Analysis
    • Mobile app for Looper for note-taking
    • In development, a Loop upload feature – not ready, hold off on using this
  • Loop Follow
    • Real-time Monitor
    • Additional alarm settings, Calendar view
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