Nightscout Variables

These are some variables that are useful for Loopers. Scroll down to view the list formatted for Google Cloud Nightscouts. To learn more about these and other variables, visit the Nightscout docs

Formatted for Google Cloud Nightscout

You can delete everything that was put into your nsconfig file by default (the “Edit variables” option in the menu) and replace it with the lines copied from below.

Lines that start with # are disabled. To enable a disabled line, just delete the # at the beginning. To disable a line, either add a # to the beginning of it or delete the line completely with control-k.

When adding other variables, be sure to follow the format of the variables below. Take note of upper/lower case and make sure your quotes are vertical/dumb and not slanted/smart.

"vertical/dumb" not “slanted/smart”

# Replace YOUR_INFO_HERE with your API secret
# # If you use mmol/L, change the next line to mmol/L export DISPLAY_UNITS="mg/dl"
# When set to "denied", access to your site will be require a token or the API_SECRET
# To allow anyone with your NS URL to be able to run reports and see current and past data,
# set it to "readable"
export AUTH_DEFAULT_ROLES="denied" # export ENABLE="loop pump iob cob basal careportal sage cage bage override dbsize" # If you want to use bridge, disable the previous line and enable next line instead #export ENABLE="bridge loop pump iob cob basal careportal sage cage bage override dbsize" # # Replace YOUR_INFO_HERE with whatever text you want in the upper left corner of your NS export CUSTOM_TITLE="YOUR_INFO_HERE" # # Change any alarms you want to enable to "on" export ALARM_HIGH="off" export ALARM_LOW="off" export ALARM_TIMEAGO_URGENT="off" export ALARM_TIMEAGO_WARN="off" export ALARM_URGENT_HIGH="off" export ALARM_URGENT_LOW="off" # # These values set when your alarms get triggered and what bg your dots change color at. These are the # default values, but consider setting them to 60,70,140,180 for a tighter range, or whatever you'd like. export BG_HIGH="260" export BG_TARGET_TOP="180" export BG_TARGET_BOTTOM="80" export BG_LOW="55" # export BASAL_RENDER="default" export BOLUS_RENDER_FORMAT="minimal" export BOLUS_RENDER_FORMAT_SMALL="default" export BOLUS_RENDER_OVER="0.1" export DBSIZE_MAX="20000" export DEVICESTATUS_ADVANCED="true" export LOOP_ENABLE_ALERTS="false" export PUMP_ENABLE_ALERTS="false" export PUMP_FIELDS="reservoir battery clock" export SCALE_Y="linear" export SHOW_FORECAST="loop" export SHOW_PLUGINS="loop pump cob iob careportal basal sage cage bage override dbsize" export SHOW_RAWBG="never" export THEME="colors" export TIME_FORMAT="24" # # If you use Dexcom Share Bridge: export BRIDGE_PASSWORD="YOUR_INFO_HERE" export BRIDGE_SERVER="US" export BRIDGE_USER_NAME="YOUR_INFO_HERE" # # If you use remote overrides/carbs/boluses export LOOP_APNS_KEY="YOUR_INFO_HERE" export LOOP_APNS_KEY_ID="YOUR_INFO_HERE" export LOOP_DEVELOPER_TEAM_ID="YOUR_INFO_HERE" # If you built Loop last with Diawi, TestFlight, or iTunes, enable the next line #export LOOP_PUSH_SERVER_ENVIRONMENT="production"
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