Starting Loop: Support

  • Loop is a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) APS (Artificial Pancreas System)
  • Loop is NOT a Do-It-Alone project

Community, Help, Information

There are many avenues to get help and support from others about Loop, Nightscout, school plans, and pretty much anything diabetes-related.

In addition to the much-quoted documentation, there are some communities you should be aware of. They each have their own tone and their own scope. You should investigate them and decide which fit your needs. As you progress on the Looping path, you may become a contributor to help the next generation of new Loopers. Be sure to check out the Resources page for more links.

  • Facebook: Loop and Learn (~10,000 members)
    • Focus is on training and techniques to meet the various goals of Loopers
    • Help with building, operating, and troubleshooting Loop
    • Encourages conversations on related topics
    • Presentations related to Type 1 diabetes topics by world-renowned researchers, medical and healthcare providers, and app developers
    • Presentations and video tips on how to use Loop
    • Interactive Open Mic sessions open to all members
  • Facebook: The Looped Group (~32,000 members)
    • Focus is on building, operating, and troubleshooting with support for all forms of DIY APS (OpenAPS, AndroidAPS, and Loop)
    • If you want to discuss topics that are not directly related to building, using, and troubleshooting, this is probably not the place to post
  • Loop zulipchat: Support and discussions directly with the developers of Loop
    • If you don’t want to use Facebook, this is another place you can keep up on issues related to Loop and ask technical questions
    • The discussions on Zulip tend to skew towards the technical side
    • Be sure to join all the channels so you don’t miss interesting conversations
    • The developers of Loop post here first when developing new methods or if a new problem is discovered
    • This is where the next version of Loop that is being tested is discussed and evaluate
  • Facebook: CGM in the Cloud and CGM Off Topic
    • The CGM in the Cloud group’s primary focus is to provide help with Nightscout
    • The CGM Off Topic group allows discussion of almost anything T1D-related
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