Dexcom Outages and Proper Loop Configuration

Dexcom Share outages happen (sometimes frequently and for extended periods of time). If your Loop app is not configured correctly these outages will cause Loop to stop functioning (red Loop). Below are instructions on how to configure your Loop app in order to avoid unnecessary downtime. 

Current Dexcom server status can be found here.
While helpful, this site unfortunately seems to lag notification of outages by over an hour at times. The US and the rest of the world have two different server targets. Usually one or the other will be affected, not both.

CGM setup in Loop:
In the Loop app, under Continuous Glucose Monitor – enter your Dexcom Transmitter ID only. Leave Dexcom share fields blank. If Dexcom has a share outage, Loop will be remain unaffected and will continue to run. 

New Transmitter:
With a new transmitter, delete your CGM from Loop and add it back with the new transmitter ID. Be certain the transmitter ID entered is correct (ID is found on the back of the transmitter or in the dexcom app). 

Error Messages:
The following error messages indicate that Loop is reading data from the Dexcom Server and is failing. Remove your share settings from Loop to get rid of these error messages. 

“Shareclient.Shareerror Error 0”
“Shareclient.Shareerror Error 1”

In Summary:
Delete CGM from Loop app
re-add CGM
Enter Transmitter ID (leave Share credentials blank)
tap enter
Wait 11 minutes
Loop should now be green

Upload Dexcom data to Nightscout for following:
If there is a Dexcom outage and you need to monitor/follow another person, many branches of Loop have a workaround. In the Loop app, go to the CGM settings and turn on “Upload Readings.” Loop should be able to bypass Dexcom’s various share issues and keep Loop working. 
Warning – This method uploads CGM readings to Nightscout in addition to the normal numbers pulled from Share. The duplicate data will cause issues for some of the reporting tools in Nightscout, so only leave it enabled as long as you need to for purposes of an outage.

It is possible to use Loop as your primary uploader to Nightscout and not have Nightscout pull from Dexcom also. This will be left for a future update to this doc.

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