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Starting Loop: Compatible Pump and CGM

Compatible Pumps

Only certain older (2006 to 2012) Medtronic pumps and the Eros (not Dash) style of Omnipods are compatible with the released version of Loop. The DASH support is under development for Loop. If you need more information, this is covered in LoopDocs in the Build tab under Compatible Pumps:

Compatible CGM

The “standard” Loop versions require Dexcom or Medtronic Enlight continuous glucose monitors (CGM) as discussed in LoopDocs in the Build tab under Compatible CGM.

But many people who want to Loop do not have access to these particular CGM devices.  A variety of people have made versions of Loop that work with other sensors. When the development version of Loop is released, some of the CGM options mentioned below are already included or can be added easily.

If you are interested in another CGM, or even a method of Looping that requires access to the internet, please see the article on FreeAPS. That article links to the help forums for FreeAPS.  You’ll need to check there or perhaps in the  “CGM In The Cloud” Facebook Group to get information about alternate CGMs. FreeAPS allows the use of:

  • Nightscout as a data source (requires internet access)
  • Diabox embedded in FreeAPS (may include Bubble)
  • Spike/Diabox (using a Fork from FreeAPS – check the help forum)
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