Use at your own risk.

    • Warning: the icons may get messed up. For example:
      • Instead of > for a drop-down menu, you may see a 3
      • Instead of an icon for search, you may see a U
      • In some languages, the toolbar at the top may be hard to read
      • You need to minimize the Google Translate tool to see the Loop and Learn menu

    These translation links are provided as a convenience to those who choose to use the Google Translate Tool.

    • No human has reviewed the translated information for accuracy
    • Please use the translation with care
    • Not available in all regions
    • Some links might not work as expected
    • Any “code” not protected by blocks may not appear correctly – be sure to click on Original to make sure you a viewing code properly

    If your language is not included – click on any language, then look at the Google translation codes and modify the URL from the code for that language to your language.

    Google Translate Tool Instructions

    Once Google Translate has been turned on, clicking on a link above shows a “Google Translate: Can’t translate this page error”.

    • To modify the language for a single page, use the Google Translate tool
    • To modify the language for the entire site, see Change Language below

    The graphic below shows the Google Translate Tool when maximized (default) for a browser and mobile display. The tool can be minimized by tapping on the up/down carets at the right of the tool. This is very useful if the tool obstructs part of the original screen. Additional options can be selected with the three-dot menu as shown in the graphic.

    various display options for the google translation tool

    Change Language

    To modify the language choice for the whole site, copy the line below and paste it into the URL and then choose the desired language from the list


    Use the Google Translation three-dot menu and select

    Go to Original URL

    while on the Translation page.

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