The Dexcom G7 Geofence

The G7 app is geofenced, so if you’re traveling outside of your home country and your phone is lost, stolen, broken or goes for a swim, or the app fails, you may not be able to easily reinstall the G7 app. This restriction has nothing to do with your particular home country.  It affects every country.

Pro Tips:

  1. Bring a computer so that you can use a GPS Changer and VPN.
  2. Bring some G6, One or One+ sensors and a transmitter in your travel bag, extra test strips, your controller (and a charging cord) if you have one. You can manually enter BG into Loop or Apple Health.
  3. Turn-off auto update on the G7 app before leaving home. If you update, uninstall or try to reinstall the app while outside of your home country, you will lose the app until you return home.

Once you receive the “Country of residence issue” alert, you will most likely need to delete the G7 app and reinstall it by following the steps below.  You will need a computer and internet.

Bypass Dexcom G7’s Geofence Using a GPS Location Changer and VPN

  1. Log in to your computer, and gather a pen and notepad to write down your app names and any usernames/passwords that you set up.
  2. Download the Dexcom G7 app on your phone.
  3. Download a VPN app to your phone. ExpressVPN (“VPN”) offers a 7-day free trial.  There are many other VPN options.
  4. Download a GPS changer software onto your computer. For example, iRocket (“GPS Changer”) offers 5 free uses; there are many other GPS Changer options.

    When you are ready:

    1. Change your phone location with your phone’s VPN app (from Step 3 above) to your home country.
    2. Change your phone location with your computer’s GPS Changer app (from Step 4 above) to your home country, by
      • Connecting your phone to your computer through a USB cable or WiFi, and
      • Following steps in tutorial.  Open your Dexcom G7 app to log in.
    3. When the Dexcom G7 app asks to use your location (all colors refer to the adjacent image):
      • Change Precise location to OFF (red).
      • Click Allow Once (yellow).
      • Click Next (green).
    4. Finish Logging into the G7 app.
    5. Cancel your Express VPN subscription immediately (iPhone Settings/Subscriptions). If you forget to cancel, you will be charged for 1 year – around USD $117.  Other VPNs may have different terms and conditions.


    • Use at your own risk.
    • We have not evaluated whether these instructions comply with Facebook’s cybersecurity policies regarding GPS location software. Please be aware that copying and pasting the text into Facebook may result in policy violations. Using screenshots or link to this webpage is recommended.
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