Celebrating Passover

Passover begins on March 27 and ends on April 4, 2021 

Here are some Quick Tips on how to keep your BG in check as you celebrate with friends and family. 

Be Prepared

Upfront Bolus

  • Manually bolus 
    • Estimate some of your insulin needs for the next hour or more of eating
    • Loop will predict low BG and may suspend basal because no carbs have been entered
  • Add carbs as you eat them 
    • Loop’s predictions will rise as you enter carbs
    • Use pictures to remember what you have entered
    • If you end up high, it is often safe to use a super bolus, which is giving a few hours of your basal rate as a bolus. See DiabetesNet.com for more information.



  • Use an override for a slight increase in overall basal rate.  Remember that overrides will cause a proportional increase in insulin for Carb Ratio and ISF  – so be cautious.


Big Carb Entry

  • Enter an estimate for how much you plan to eat with a time of when you plan to start eating but use a long absorption time
  • Edit the amount of the carb entry, or add a new one, to surf your way through the day (Sugar Surfing™)

4 cups of wine

  • If  your BG is running low, substitute out some of that kosher wine for juice.  No one will ever know.  

Celebrating for multiple nights?

  • At the end of the first night, open your ICE screen and edit your entries to see how closely you can get them to mirror what Loop observed.
    • This may help you to get better results with less effort on the following night
  • Screenshot your carb absorption screen before midnight so that you can remember what you ate and how/when it absorbed

Pro Tips

  • Matzah looks innocent, but is deceptively high in carbs (1 ounce has 25g carbs, which is similar to the carbs in 2 slices of white bread)
  • Protein and fat in your Seder meal will take much longer to absorb (5 or more hours)
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