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Here are the STEP-by-STEP instructions on how to get BUILD help and what YOU have to do first. Important items are in BOLD!

This page covers only BUILD errors. If you are looking for operational or settings help, this doc does not have the information you are looking for.

If/when you need help from someone on Loop and Learn or The Looped Group, you first need to help them by providing some information. Our more experienced volunteers may scroll past a request for help that doesn’t have sufficient information to be able to diagnose your problem and offer a solution or tips.

Every day, both experienced and new Loopers post for help across various forums, groups, and platforms.  There are only so many people that a volunteer can help in a day. To make sure that your request for help gets the attention it needs in a timely manner, your post should include essential information so that our mentors can quickly assess what you need and how invested you are in solving your issue in this DIY world.  


In January 2021, a new issue occurred and was fixed within a few days.  But if you’re building with older Loop code or have tried to update carthage, you might run into this problem.  Check out this page for the work-around.  And download new code if building Loop master or automatic-bolus from a ZIP file.   There is a document on how to work around this issue.  Please make sure this isn’t your problem before continuing with build troubleshooting and posting for build help.   If you think this is your issue and you can not get through the workaround instructions, make a NEW POST in Looped or Loop and Learn with all the relevant details.   Please do not add “me too” onto an existing post.

Some people are encountering issues building on brand new machines, new Xcode, that does not automatically download needed simulators.  If this might be is your problem (error message to be posted later), try this step to add the simulator.


  1. Start by doing a SEARCH specifically in the LoopDocs Build Errors document that applies to your situation … and TRY every suggested fix.
  2. If those options don’t resolve your issue, there is a “Posting for help” portion in that document.  FOLLOW the instructions in that section, especially the parts in the green box.
  3. Go to developer.apple.com and see if you have to accept a new license agreement or terms.   State that you have done this in your request for help.

If you have completed #1-3 above, MAKE a post in ONE PLACE. Please don’t post in multiple FB groups and Telegram and GitHub … that just wastes volunteers’ valuable time. Once you post for help, please COMMIT TO CHECKING IN every few hours until your issue is resolved. Don’t let your post become stale.

Save yourself some time … LOOK at the last couple of days’ post in both the Looped and Loop and Learn FB groups.   If your problem is something new and known, it is likely someone else already posted about it in the last day or two.

When you are ready to make your post, collect all of the following information. Put the information in the post!

  • Exact Version of Xcode as found in Xcode/AboutXcode: Ex: “Version 12.1 (12A7403)”
  • Exact Version of macOS  (Click apple / “About This Mac”: Ex:”10.15.7 (19H2)” 
  • Version of Carthage (in terminal, type “carthage version”).
  • Branch of Loop and URL you downloaded from: Ex: Master from Loopdocs link
  • Version number from the branch: Ex: “Version 2.2.4 build 57”
  • Date downloaded (very important), if in the last two days, include the time and time-zone
  • Exact Version of iOS on your phone
  • Free or Paid developer account
  • Confirm that you went to developer.apple.com to look for new terms and conditions:
  • Confirm that you are NOT using any beta versions of anything.
  • If you need to provide info from a screen, TAKE A SCREEN SHOT using command+shift+3 or command+shift+4. Please DO NOT TAKE A PHOTO.
  • Include the ENTIRE window, not just the part you think is important.
  • If there is a RED error in the build window, click on it and expand it before taking the screen shot.  If there are multiple RED errors, expand all of them and leave your focus on the last one.
  • State exactly what fixes you have tried from the LoopDocs Build Errors page.   If you skipped some, state why.
  • State if this is the first time building to this device, or if Loop was working and your attempt to build on top of a working Loop failed. If you are changing branches, mention that.
  • Include any other information that might help someone help you faster.

Once you start accepting help from an individual, stick with that ONE person until you have exhausted that path.   It is very frustrating for a volunteer to be trying to help someone, and you try two other things in the middle of them helping you that blows-out the steps that they were trying to walk you through, so they have to start again. 

If someone helps you, make sure to give them feedback, did it fix your problem, are you still stuck?   Are you thankful for the help?



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