Looping and Diabetes Resources

Nightscout Unofficial Documentation

Terry Witt Cookbook for Nightscout

Information pages

LoopDocs – Official documentation for getting started on Looping

Loop and Learn – Educational page with additional help to start on and use Loop, also hosts events with key people in the diabetes community

LoopTips – Official documentation for using / tuning Loop

SeeMyCGM – All about living with Type 1 diabetes

ItsTheSugar – One family’s journey with type 1 diabetes


Loop and LearnFacebook group for learning about and discussing Loop and Diabetes, provides build help, and live interactive sessions.   

The Looped Group -Facebook group for building and updating Loop.

Little LoopersFacebook group for parents of young children who are using the DIY iOS app Loop or interested in learning more about Loop. 

T1D Looping Kids and Teens This page is for parents of T1D kids only.  The goal is to coordinate our kids meeting (and hopefully making friends!) with other T1D kids via Zoom.

Regional Groups

Looped Norge 

Looped Sweden 

Diabetes Rioja 

Israeli Loopers 

Loop and Learn Italia 

Loop Australia 

Minnesota TypeOne Loopers – This group is formed to discuss hybrid closed loop “artificial pancreas” solutions, gather new loopers, and mentor future loopers living in the Minnesota area in an effort to reduce the burden of Type 1 diabetes.

Other Media

Loop and Learn YouTube Channel – Recorded Webinars sponsored by the Loop and Learn group.   Also helpful tip videos for diabetes.

Loop and Learn Instagram – Announcements, updates, tips, and tricks.

TheSavvyDiabetic.com – Updates of diabetes technology & research, Looping and life with Type 1 Diabetes

Juicebox Podcast – YouTube Channel – A Type 1 Diabetes Show by Scott Benner

Juicebox Podcast Apple Podcast – A Type 1 Diabetes Show by Scott Benner

Diabettech.com – Blog site written by Tim Street with reviews of all diabetes tech

OpenAPS.org – Written by Dana Lewis, developer of OpenAPS … also DIYPS.org

MyArtificialPancreas.net – Blog written by Mary Anne Patton (Australia), about looping, life with diabetes and diabetes innovation

Tidepool.org – Non-profit developing Tidepool Loop for Omnipod and Medtronic

BionicWookiee.com – Blog by David Burren (Australia) on living with medical technology

Diabeloop – French company developed Kaleido “patch” pumps

CamAPS FX – UK-based closed loop system supports DANA RS pumps and runs on Android phones

AndroidAPS – Open source APS running on Google Android smartphones

Let Me Be 83 – Let Me Be 83 is a movement by the Rivere Foundation. We advocate for an alternative diabetes management regimen, anchored in nutrition and the proper use of insulins, that allows people with diabetes to achieve healthy blood glucose levels. We believe this is an important goal, as elevated glucose levels are associated with complications of diabetes.

Hybrid Closed Loop Comparisons & Options – An informative article by Integrated Diabetes Services

Sources to Purchase

Anubis– G6 transmitter alternative.  Donate your expired G6 or G7 transmitters.  

Swappa.com – For purchasing used phones and ipads at good prices

FuseChicken.com – Cables, marketed by a fellow Looper.  (sign up for the mailing list, get a discount on your first purchase).   Remember, only purchase organic chickens.

MonoPrice.com – Specializes in cables for hi-tech 


Radio-link Comparison Chart – Detailed comparison of the RadioLinks currently available.

EmaLink – to purchase or get more information on Ema.

GetRileyLink.org – To purchase RileyLink, OrangeLink, and carry cases

How do I update the firmware on my OrangeLink?

What is the iPhone Bluetooth app that I need to load new firmware or check my OrangeLink’s battery?  For android, click here

Cases for RileyLink, OrangeLink and EmaLink


To let us know about a resource that should be added to this page, please use the “Link Requests” button at the bottom of the page.

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