Starting Loop: Onboarding and Therapy Settings

The setup described below is for the released version Loop.  For more details, check out LoopDocs.

Initial Loop Set-Up and Configuration

Please review the steps in LoopDocs Set up section on how to add your Pump, CGM, and Services to Loop.

A few things are highlighted below for quick reference (they are found in LoopDocs, but there are a lot of pages . . .)

Therapy Setting – Pre-Meal Target Override

  • Some people prefer to leave this blank
  • The consequence is you cannot use it (but you can still prebolus)
  • The advantage is you won’t accidentally bump it and turn off an override by mistake
  • If you enter Pre-Meal Target Override values and later change your mind about utilizing this feature, it’s very easy to go back into your Therapy Settings and delete your values.

Add CGM – update for Dexcom CGM

  • New with Loop 3, you can use Dexcom G7 (in addition to Dexcom One, G5 and G6)
  • Do not enter Dexcom Share credentials when you enter your CGM
  • If you inadvertently add Dexcom Share credentials, delete your CGM and add it back with just the Dexcom Transmitter ID

Loop Settings: Dosing Strategy

You have two options- Temp Basal Only or Automatic Bolus.  If you select Temp Basal Only, then Loop will only provide increased insulin delivery through an increase in the Temporary Basal (approximately 17% of Recommended Insulin every 5 minutes).  Once you are sure your settings are properly adjusted to work with the Loop algorithm, you may want to try the Automatic Bolus dosing strategy (approximately 40% of Recommended Insulin every 5 minutes) which provides the needed correction more rapidly.

Loop Services – Nightscout

  • One more plea to consider adding Nightscout
  • You can use Loop without Nightscout, but should you?
  • To be a great Looper with great settings, Nightscout is your best friend
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