Day 6 (Published 6 December 2020)

Community, Help, Information

Loop is a DIY or Do It Yourself project.

Loop is NOT a Do It Alone project.

There are many avenues to get help and support from others with Loop, NightScout, school plans, pretty much anything Diabetes related.
In addition to the much quoted documentation, there are some communities you should be aware of. They each have their own tone, and their own scope, you should investigate them and decide which one or ones fit your needs. And, as you progress on the Looping path, which ones you might want to contribute back to.
  • Facebook: The Looped Group. Large group of over 25,000 members. Focus on Building, operating, troubleshooting loop.
    • If your loop is broken, or you can’t build, posting in this group will hit the largest audience.
    • If you want to discuss topics that are not directly related to building, troubleshooting or using loop, this is probably not the place to post.
  • Facebook: Loop and Learn.  Group of around 1,500 members. This group offers:
    • help with building, operating and troubleshooting Loop
    • and encourages conversations on related topics and gives some help on other topics such as NightScout
    • a focus on training. The Loop and Learn web site is a supplement run by the admins of the Loop and Learn Facebook group.
    • regular presentations related to Type 1 diabetes topics by world-renowned researchers, medical and healthcare providers and app developers. Note its YouTube Loop and Learn channel with past presentations and helpful tip videos on various Looping topics.
  • Zulip Chat: Support and discussions directly with the developers of Loop. If you don’t want to use Facebook, this is another place you can keep up on issues related to Loop and ask technical questions. The discussions on Zulip tend to skew towards the technical side.
  • Telegram: Loop/FreeAPS is supported here. You can talk directly to the developers, and other FreeAPS users.
  • CGM in the Cloud. and CGM Off Topic #T1DIY are two groups that support NightScout, and the Off topic group allows most anything T1D related.
  • Regional FaceBook Groups. Many places have regional Facebook groups, two popular ones are Minnesota TypeOne Loopers who also do regular zoom meetings/conferences, and Diabetes Rioja in Spain.
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