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These scripts are intended to simplify some tasks for building Loop and FreeAPS or to simplify some tasks that are needed to clean up your Mac or renew profiles.

There is now a Build Select Script that makes this process even easier.

Why Workspace?

These scripts are set up to retrieve “Workspace” versions of the Loop branches instead of the “normal” versions for a number of reasons. They were built to help people get past the many “carthage” issues that Apple has caused with xCode updates in the latter half of 2020 (like 2020 isn’t bad enough). The traditional way of downloading and maintaining a workspace build has a complexity that is beyond many users. By brute forcing a full download of a workspace (instead of updating a local repository), the workspace build can be simplified so that is as easy as downloading the latest zip for a normal build, with much the same effect (full clean copy of the latest software).

If you have not built using Workspace before, you will want to look at the “two things to notice” xCode graphic on Loopdocs that explains how to select the workspace and sign the targets: Loopdocs Workspace

Downside (you knew there had to be some). The developers do not always update their Workspace at the same time they update their normal release, so the Workspace could be a few days or weeks behind in some cases. The Workspace builds are about twice the size of a traditional zip build, but to put it in perspective, they tend to be around 750-800 meg, which is still less than 1 gig. Compare this to Xcode, which is a 12 gig to download and needs 25 to 40 or more gig of space to install.

Workspace Build Prep

The latest FreeAPS or Loop workspace files will download to Downloads/BuildLoop/FreeAPS or Downloads/BuildLoop/Loop. Each folder will be timestamped with date-HHMM and branch (for Loop) so you can easily know what each folder is in the future. As soon as the download is complete, xcode will open the the downloaded workspace file to sign and build. You should only build the Loop Master Branch unless you are fully aware of the settings changes needed for the Auto branches and are ready to make the commitment to debugging and frequent rebuilds required for the Dev branch.

Build FreeAPS Workspace Script

Loop Master Workspace Script

Loop Auto Bolus (AB) Script

Loop Dev Workspace Script

Clean Carthage and Derived Data folders Script

Xcode Cleanup Script (The big one)

LoopFollow Build Script

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