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This is the one you should be using if you are new to Looping. Note that Workspace versions may not always be in sync with the normal versions. Depending on the developers and what changes they have made, the Workspace updates can lag behind the normal release.

The primary documentation and support for this branch is at:



Looped FaceBook Group

If you have not built a Workspace before, you will want to look at the “two things to notice” xCode graphic on Loopdocs that explains how to select the workspace and sign the targets: Loopdocs Workspace

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Copy/Paste this code into Terminal all on one line:

/bin/bash -c "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/loopnlearn/LoopBuildScripts/main/BuildLoopMaster.sh)"

3. Hit enter

4. When the script has completed running, close Terminal.

5. Master branch will be located in Downloads, in a folder named BuildLoop and the folder name will include the current date. Click on the Loop folder to reveal the LoopWorkspace folder.

6. Click on LoopWorkspace, then double click on Loop.xcworkspace to open the project in Xcode.

7. Follow the instructions in Loopdocs to complete your Workspace build.

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