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Released Xcode 13 is out, install that from the app store. If it isn’t showing under the Develop tab in the App store yet, you may have a beta version installed, or you may have previously installed by downloading from the Developer site instead of the App Store.

This page of instructions are also helpful if you have space issues. You need about 40 to 60  gig of free space to install the latest Xcode, the script in these instructions, when run after uninstalling Xcode, will free up quite a bit of additional space (up to 13 gig).

  1. It is going to take more than a few minutes to download the Xcode update, you need to disable your screen saver. Go to Settings / Desktop & Screen Saver / Hot Corners (bottom right) and set your top right corner to “Disable Screen Saver”. Then you can point your mouse to the top right corner to keep your screen saver from disrupting your download.
  2. Remove the old Xcode by dragging it to the trash can.
  3. Empty the trashcan.
  4. Click the SpotLight Search (magnifying glass up next to the clock) and type “xcode” to make sure you don’t have an old Xcode-Beta on the machine, if you do, drag it to the trash and delete it also.
  5. Reboot the computer.
  6. Run Xcode Cleanup (The Big One).  
  7. Reboot the computer.
  8. Go to the Appstore and download the most current version of Xcode.
  9. Follow the instructions in Loopdocs Step 9 about configuring Xcode (pay special attention to the Command Line Tools part).
  11. Go forth and do your build, or debug session, or whatever you need to do.


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