Released Xcode 12.3 is out, install that from the app store. If it isn’t showing under the Develop tab in the App store yet, you may have a beta version installed, or you may have previously installed by downloading from the Developer site instead of the App Store. USE THE FIX-XCODE DOC INSTEAD OF THIS DOC

So, you upgraded your phone before the matching Xcode was released and now your Loop is dead. One solution (the one we recommend) is to build an .ipa file and send it to the problematic phone, another solution is to downgrade the phone (See the apple developer site, data will probably be lost). The last option is to load a beta version of Xcode. This is not recommended unless you are dead in the water and need to get Loop going on a phone that has been upgraded past what the released versions of Xcode support.

To install the Beta version of Xcode without making a giant mess of your computer…

Download the latest Beta version from

  1. Login to your developer account
  2. Pick “Downloads” from the list on the left.
  3. Pick “Beta” from the menu at the top (might already be selected).
  4. Pick “Applications” from the two icons in the middle of the screen.
  5. Scroll down until you find the Xcode Beta, Release Candidate or Gold Master that you want to install.
  6. Punch the blue Download button.
  7. If it is going to take more than a few minutes to download, you need to disable your screen saver. Go to Settings / Desktop & Screen Saver / Hot Corners (bottom right) and set your top right corner to “Disable Screen Saver”. Then you can point your mouse to the top right corner to keep your screen saver from disrupting your download.
  8. After you have the software safely downloaded.
  9. Remove the old Xcode by dragging it to the trash can.
  10. Empty the trashcan.
  11. Click the SpotLight Search (magnifying glass up next to the clock) and type “xcode” to make sure you don’t have an old Xcode-Beta on the machine, if you do, drag it to the trash and delete it also. Note, you do NOT want to delete the Xcode_version.xx.xip file that you just downloaded. Only look for errant -beta versions…
  12. Reboot the computer.
  13. run the cleanup script that is on this page:
  14. Reboot the computer.
  15. Find the Xcode beta in your downloads folder and install it. (Or if you are removing the beta, go to the App store and get the correct released version from there).
  16. Follow the instructions in Loopdocs Step 9 about configuring Xcode.
  18. Go forth and do your build, or debug session, or whatever you needed to do.
  19. When the new Xcode comes out in a few days/weeks/months, make sure to run steps 9 through 14 again, then install the new Xcode through the App Store and again go through Loopdocs Step 9.
  20. Disable Auto Updates for iOS on your phone and teach your teenager to not do random updates of the medical device so you don’t get into this situation again in the future. Never upgrade iOS until you see on the support groups that it has been tested and there is a new Xcode to support it. That is usually at least two weeks after a new iOS major version is released. Of course, if your phone broke and you had to get a new phone with the new version and just got stuck, ignore this item.
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